Joao Henrique Serodio

Joao Henrique Serodio

Software Engineer

About me

I am a software developer with a broad skill set. My proficiency extends to JavaScript and Functional Programming, and I have a strong foundation in backend development, particularly with Node.js, Java, and Rust. My journey in programming commenced in 2006, and I completed my System Integration Degree at the University of Central ParanĂ¡ between 2008 and 2012. Throughout my career, I have assumed various roles in the field of development, but my core expertise remains in Front-end development. At present, I am fully committed to Rust and WebAssembly for my upcoming projects.

Formal Education

I pursued a System Information Degree at UCP (University of Central Parana), situated in the city of Pitanga in the state of Parana, Brazil, from 2008 to 2012.

Hard Skills

Developer Skills

  • Amazon Web Service
    • Cloudformation
    • API Gateway
    • Amplify
    • Cloudfront
    • cloudwatch
    • Cognito
    • Route53
    • Lambda
    • EC2
    • S3
    • Event Bridge
    • Step Functions
  • Firebase
    • Firebase Functions
    • Real Time Database
    • Firebase Auth
    • Firebase hosting
  • Linux
  • Docker
  • git
  • TDD (Testing Driven Development)
  • New Relic
  • Sentry
  • Elastic Stack (ELK)
  • Gitflow and Forked Flow
  • Continuous integration, delivery
    • Bitbucket Pipelines
    • Circle CI
    • Github Actions
    • Jenkins
  • DDD (Domain Driven Design)
  • BDD (Behavior Driven Development)
  • GraphQL APIs
  • Rest APIs
  • Functional Programing
  • OOP (Object Oriented Programing)
  • Micro Services
  • Micro Front-ends

Front-end Skills

  • Javascript ES2015++
  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
    • HTML5
    • Semantic HTML
  • CSS (Cascade Style Sheet)
    • CSS3
    • Flexbox
    • Native Layout Grid
    • PostCSS
    • CSS Modules
    • SASS
    • CSS in Js
    • Styled components
    • Stitches
  • Typescript
  • Shopify Liquid
  • Astro SSG (Static Site Generator)
  • NextJS (Server Side Rendering)
  • Elm Template Engine Language
  • Web Assembly (WASM)
  • Angular
  • i18n and FormatJs
  • ReactJs
    • React Hooks
    • React Intl and React i18n
    • Mobx
    • Redux
    • Redux ToolKit RTK (State manange and data fetch)
    • Redux thunks
    • Redux Sagas
  • Tests Automation
    • Jest
    • Testing Library
    • Enzyme
    • Sinon
    • Cypres
  • Front-end Engineering
    • Webpack
    • webpack module Federation
    • npm and npm workspace
    • Yarn and Yarn workspace
    • Lerna monorepo orchestry
    • Turbo pack
    • Turbo Repo
    • ESLint
    • Prettier
    • Rome
    • Grunt
    • Yeoman
    • Bower
  • Design Systems
    • Responsive Design
    • Atomic Design
    • Material UI
    • Tailwind
    • Bootstrap
    • Chackra UI
  • Data Fetch
    • MQTT
    • Web Sockets
    • Rest APIs
    • GraphQL APIs
  • Web Workers
  • Chrome Extension
  • Firefox Addon

Back-end Skills

  • NodeJS and NodeTs
    • Apollo Server
    • NestJS
    • Loopback
    • Express
    • TypeORM
    • Sequelize
    • Sails
    • Waterlime
    • Serverless
  • Deno Typescript Runtime
    • Oak
    • Fresh
    • Lume
    • cac
  • Rust Programing Language
    • Rocket
    • Actix
    • Tokio
    • Juniper
    • Diesel ORM
    • Sea ORM
    • Yew
    • Clap
    • Ratatui
  • Java 8++
    • Jboss Enterprise Application
    • JUnit
    • Spring boot MVC Framework
    • Hibernate
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • DynamoDB
  • MongoDB
  • Redis in Memory Database
  • Apache Kafka
  • Rabbit Mq



Ocupation: Software Archtect and FounderWorked Date: from 11/2018 presentDescription: As a skilled software engineer, I specialize in analyzing, designing, and implementing eCommerce platforms tailored for dingles. Leveraging AWS cloud services, I use Lambda functions in Node.js to build scalable solutions. The platform includes a GraphQL API with Apollo Server, backed by Aurora RDS PostgreSQL for reliable database management. CloudFormation handles infrastructure, Cognito ensures secure authentication, and AWS S3 stores dynamic content. The frontend is a Single Page Application (SPA) in React. I seamlessly manage event flows with AWS EventBridge and handle dependencies and ORM using lambda layers. This holistic approach delivers a robust, scalable, and feature-rich eCommerce platform for dingles.


Ocupation: Tech LeadWorked Date: from 10/2023 pressent.Description: In the Architect and Tech Leader position with Node.js, LoopBack, Strapi, and Next.js in our stack, running above a Kubernetes server, I spearhead the strategic design and management of developer teams focused on editorial products. I am responsible for crafting architectural patterns, designing scalable systems, and providing leadership in technology adoption. My role involves overseeing team dynamics, enforcing high development standards, and implementing automation strategies to optimize workflows. I prioritize documentation for architectural decisions and development processes, ensuring clarity and knowledge sharing. Additionally, I evaluate and integrate emerging technologies within the Node.js ecosystem and related frameworks, driving innovation. My commitment lies in delivering high-quality, scalable solutions through effective team collaboration and continuous improvement.


Ocupation: Staff Front-End Software EngineerWorked Date: from 12/2022 at 07/2023.Description: At I my responsabilites as a Staff software engineer, I played a pivotal role in analyzing, architecting, and developing the PAGAR.ME finance dashboard microfrontend platform. My responsibilities included implementing new features, maintaining existing solutions, and successfully migrating products to a microfrontend development pattern. This involved extensive use of TypeScript, React, and Redux, with seamless integration and consumption of BFF APIs.


Ocupation: Back-end Software Engineer SeniorWorked Date: from 05/2022 at 12/2022.Description: As a Senior Backend Software Engineer At Kovi with expertise in Node.js and TypeScript, I played a key role in analyzing and developing serverless Lambda and pipeline functions using NestJS and Express frameworks. These functions played a crucial role in crafting a product focused on remote vehicle rental and purchase, showcasing my proficiency in building robust and scalable backend solutions.


Ocupation: Software Engineer SeniorWorked Date: from 06/2020 at 06/2022.Description: As a Senior Fullstack Software Engineer Pede Pronto (we start like Onyo =D), I played a pivotal role in the evolution of the PedePronto application, leading its transition from a monolithic architecture to a dynamic microservices-based framework. My significant contributions extended to crafting an innovative web client tailored for B2C interactions, employing React, TypeScript, and GraphQL to enhance user experiences. Concurrently, I served as the Full Stack developer for the B2B Onboarding service, providing essential support for new clients through the seamless integration of React, TypeScript, Restful APIs, and Python backend services. These multifaceted endeavors showcase my proficiency in driving architectural transformations and delivering comprehensive solutions across the entire software stack


Ocupation: Front-end Software ArchitectWorked Date: from 07/2016 at 07/2019.Description: In Agrotis I worked as software developer and Software Architect, I actively contributed to developing tools and automation processes. This involved deep engagement in the analysis, architecture, and development of microservices and multi-tenancy platforms. Utilizing a range of programming languages such as Erlang, Python, Node.js, Java, and shell scripting, my primary focus was on managing server routines and integration tools, showcasing versatility and expertise in crafting robust and scalable software solutions.

Polvo Digital

Ocupation: Lead Front-end DeveloperWorked Date: from 07/2015 at 06/2016.Description: I held the position of Front-end lead developer, I specialize in crafting visually appealing and responsive user interfaces. My proficiency extends to developing and maintaining style guides, ensuring consistent and cohesive designs across projects. Leveraging my skills in React and Vue, I bring dynamic and interactive elements to the forefront of user experiences. Through collaborative efforts, I contribute to creating seamless and engaging frontend solutions, showcasing my dedication to delivering high-quality, aesthetically pleasing applications.

Freelancer Developer

Ocupation: fullstack developerWorked Date: between 01/2011 at 08/2015.Description: During my initial years as a developer, I immersed myself in various projects and startups, contributing as a Full Stack Developer. I honed my skills in crafting dynamic user interfaces with technologies like React, JavaScript, Angular, and jQuery. On the server side, I played a key role in building robust infrastructures using languages such as Java (Spring) and Node.js. This diverse experience underscores my adaptability and enduring dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions across the development stack. These formative years were characterized by engagement in multiple projects, startups, and the adoption of a pure Go methodology.


Portuguese: Native Speaker

English: I have an advanced level of proficiency in English with strong written and conversational skills.

Soft Skills

  • Structured Feedback
  • Strong Responsabilit Sense
  • Transparent Comunication
  • Knowledge lover
  • Agile, Scrum and kanban

My Hobies

  • Basketball
  • Survivalist
  • Books <3
  • HQs
  • Video Games
  • Movies
  • Ranch and Horses
  • Cook and Barbecue